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Exercise To Keep Fit

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Exercise To Keep Fit

It is necessary for each one of us to do some sort of physical activity. Well, most of us are under the impression that only overweight people need to exercise. But this only a myth. In fact all of us need to exercise to keep fit and active. Not only do the exercises help in shaping your body, but also provide you strength and energy to perform your day-to-day activities efficiently. They help to keep you away from the clutches of diseases.

Exercising acts as a great stress relieving remedy that helps in rejuvenation. The best time to exercise is in the morning. Depending on your choice, you can choose the kind of workout you would like to go in for. There are distinctive types of workouts available for you, like if you enjoy the cool refreshing morning breeze, then you can opt for walking. Walking is a mild exercise and if you have a companion with you to walk along, then nothing like it. For a more high intensity workout, jogging can serve as the best deal.

During summer time, swimming serves as the perfect workout of the season. At the end of the day, whatever workout you choose to opt for, incorporate some muscle stretching exercises in it for the warm up and body cooling down session. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to increase the longevity of your life and to make it a comfortable journey.

Beginners Guide To Exercise

Beginners exercise workout primarily consists of strength training, so that the person develops the stamina to exercise. At the initial level, the body does not feel very comfortable in doing tough weight lifting workouts and it is during this time, that the strength training for beginner helps a great deal in preparing the person for the next higher levels.

Strength training not just helps in making you habituated to exercising, but also helps in muscle building and making your bones strong. They help in increasing your metabolism rate and thereby paving way for slimming. To safeguard oneself from any sort of injury or pain, it is advisable to do some warm up cardio exercises for about 5-10 minutes. Work on a single muscle group each day and don't work on the same muscles for two consecutive days.

In the beginning you can do 1 set of exercises, consisting of about 16 repetitions and then gradually keep on increasing the number. It's a great idea to work on machines in the gym or if you have some exercising equipments at home like stationary exercising bike or treadmill, as they help in toning your muscles, thereby stabilizing your body.

Your exercising program must consist of exercises for chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, calves and abs. Well, there are several exercises for beginners like for chest, beginners can try out bench press, chest press machine and pushups. For toning your biceps, you can do bicep curls, concentration curls etc. And for flattening your abs, there are different exercises like bicycling exercise and long arm crunch. If you'll give a sincere attempt in exercising, then nobody can stop you from achieving that good physique that you've always craved for.

Type of Exercises to Keep Fit are shown below and will be explained in next posts.

1.Three Abdomen Exercises

2.Build Firm, Healthy Hips And Thighs

3. Shape Your Armsimg

4.Exercises For The Breast

5. Exercises For Tired Feet

6. Exercises For Your Legs

7. Exercises For Your Back

8. Neck Exercises

Note: If you are suffering from some sort of health ailment, then it is advisable for you to consult a doctor first and then decide your exercise program.

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