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Alcoholic Beverage Nutrition Facts

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Alcoholic Beverage Nutrition Facts

Here are presented some alcoholic beverage nutrition facts. So, check out alcohol nutrition information and take a conscious decision.

1.Genes play a major role in deciding as to how your body will process alcohol.
2.Alcoholic beverages tend to stimulate your appetite.
3.Wine consists of smaller quantities of phytochemicals that tend to reduce your chances of developing heart disease and certain cancers.
4.Excess of anything is bad, so drink in limited quantities then be it beer, wine or spirits.
5.Excessive drinking can cause hangover, leading to problems like nausea, vomit etc.
6.Your body mechanism is like that it processes alcohol even before fats, proteins and carbohydrates and this tends to slow down fat burning process, thereby slowing your weight loss program.
7.Keep a check on the eatables that you consume while boozing, because that can lead to weight gain.
8.Hard liquors undergo the process of distillation and hence do not contain carbohydrates.

Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Alcohol consumption definitely affects your body and if consumed in excessive quantities can lead to various health ailments. There can be distinctive kinds of side effects of alcohol on the body. Read further to explore information about alcohol and its effects…

Here are some health effects of alcohol consumption:

* Hangovers: Excessive drinking can lead to hangovers, thus causing problems like headache, nausea, vomit and body aches.
* Weight gain: alcohol consumption in larger quantities can lead to weight gain, because alcoholic beverages are usually high in calories.
* High blood pressure: alcohol is likely to trigger your blood pressure.
* Weak immune system: alcohol consumption makes your immune system weak, thus making your body more susceptible to infections.
* Cancer: alcohol when consumed in excessive quantities puts you at a higher risk of developing cancer
* Liver disease: a person who drinks alcohol at frequent intervals is at a higher risk of having liver problems.
* Heart or respiratory failure: alcohol consumption is likely to affect you physically, by becoming a cause of heart failure.

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