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Makeup is an art where you use your cosmetics as paints and your face as the canvas to conjure up the desired look. Makeup artist is an skilled expert who knows all the techniques and the minute details that give your face a world of difference. They are the persons behind the scores of perfect looking models and beauty divas that are ideals of today's women. They know just what to use on your face to make you look younger, older, more beautiful or even terrifying! Makeup artists know which foundation will give you the natural smooth skin look. Well, Woman’s Wonderla brings for you a basic guide to be used by all girls and women that can be easily used at home and the solution to the most common makeup and beauty problems.

Here are some makeover ideas too that you can easily fulfill at home. Let's start with the right foundation. To give the flawless face look, the yellow-based foundation is the best option for most of the women while a few fit under the category that may need a pink-based foundation. People who need to conceal dark eye circles, pimples, acne and other skin blemishes, need to master camouflage makeup techniques. However, no makeup can ever match the beauty of naturally clear and healthy skin and is just not the substitute to skin care. Working women would love to know some quick methods to fix themselves to attain the presentable look in five minutes.


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