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How to Choose a Hair style

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How to Choose a Hair style

How to Choose a Hair style

Your hairstyle says a lot about who you are.

  • Look everywhere, from magazines to billboards, for hairstyles that catch your eye. Collect pictures, clippings, and photographs of hairstyles you like.
  • Figure out what kind of face shapeyou have - round, oval, heart-shaped, or angular. Choose which features on your face you'd like to emphasize or minimize.
  • Think about how much time (and money) you're willing to spend on your hairstyle. Short styles, for example, may need frequent trims, the costs of which can add up. Longer styles require consistent dedication to maintain.

  • Narrow your hairstyle options to those that flatter your face shape, emphasize your favorite features, and fit your maintenance criteria. For example, if you have an oval face and a large forehead, and you want to draw attention to your eyes, you may opt for long layers with soft bangs. But you'll have to be willing to keep those bangs and layers straight, and if you've got naturally wavy or curly hair, it might not be easy!
  • Find a good hairdresser you can trust.
  • Curly hair looks better long
  • Wavy hair can go short or long, but it depends on the waviness
  • The curlier the hair, the longer it should be

  • Straight hair is pretty flexible, go for a daring haircut!
  • Long hair is best if you are more shy or reserved
  • Short hair is for people who like to draw attention to themselves, but remember that if you are a drama queen, you should have long enough to flick back onto your shoulder for a dramatic effect.
  • try chest length hair with gentle waves.

  • Wavy hair can look really bad if short, make sure if you cut it, it doesnt stick out in funny angles!!!
  • But don't forget that if you get your haircut, YOUR HAIR WILL STILL GROW BACK OUT. If you don't like your haircut, remember that in 2 months it will look more grown out and you will be able to style it more (if you cut your hair short).

Hair can be twisted and rolled, curled and straightened, colored and styles in all sorts of ways to keep up with the changing fashion trends that come and go with each season. The hair can be worn in a sophisticated style or as craziest up-dos but all the hair trends have some common styles in common that are put up in various combos to get the desired looks. They range from the simplest ones to complicated and high-maintenance styles. A high ponytail sprayed with misty hairspray lends adds an instant playfulness to your persona while bangs below the eyebrows that are cut straight across like a blunt cut keep coming back every alternate year or two. Hairs that have never been out of fashion are long hair with good volume. You can add extra volume and body to your hair by applying a volumizing mousse to hair roots and then blow-drying with a round brush.

You can always look stylish by using your fingers to make your hairs look wavy. Use a bit of styling cream on damp hair to create ripples and let the hair dry naturally. Get an instant corporate look by opting for a deep side parting or keep your hair in a slicked back style by using styling cream and combing them back. If you have stubborn hair you may opt for hairspray to tame them. Wavy and sleek hairstyles are a part of hair fashion cycle and keep bouncing back from time to time. You can get super straight hair by using the paddle brush to straighten the hair while blow-drying them. Add a finishing touch by using flatiron. You can create a pouf at the top of the hair in the old-fashioned way by backcombing the hair at the crown and pulling back the sides and securing them.

A French twist is easy and popular and is thus, always popular with the ladies. Use pomade to keep the sides slicked back.

To add body and texture to thin hair, scrunch them by rubbing the wave-enhancing gel into hair roots, then blow-drying them upside down. Hair trends consist of many kind of hairstyles that can be categorized into four types: Hair styles that feature sleek, smooth, shiny hair with high gloss and clean and sharp edges are known as Laminated Styles, Gypsy Hairstyles consist of multi-texture hair with contrasting edges and worn-in roots along with fishtails and twists; Rolls and Knots include high or low knots that may be loose or fitted or may be out of balance. There are rolled up fringes and twisted panels too. There are Animal Hairstyles too that mainly consist of broken edges and frayed-out finish with dry matted texture and pelts of fur.


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