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Healthy Hair

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Healthy Hair

Everyone wants to have shiny, lustrous, thick hair with no breakages and split-ends. However, it mostly depends on your knowledge about the hair itself and how to care for it. If you want healthy hair that shines with all it's strength then read on! These steps are simple and natural tips for healthy hair.

Treat your hair gently like old lace. That means you have to comb your hair carefully and not just rake the comb through it.

Choose the right combs. The best ones are made of natural bristle like a boar bristle brush. They help to spread the natural oil throughout your hair and they are softer on your hair.

Do not wash your hair too often. The recommended number of times you should wash your hair is 2-4 times a week unless your hair is oily and needs to be washed every day.

Do not use baby shampoo on your hair. Baby shampoo is meant for babies. Baby shampoo bottles may say the the shampoo is gentle, but the truth is that the shampoo has too much of an alkaline content. This means it drys your hair out because it just makes build up on your hair.

Almost all shampoos claim to instantly make your split-ends disappear. Actually, the only way to get rid of split-ends is to cut them off.

Your hair needs to be trimmed every 2-3 months. You just need to trim off dry ends of your hair that may progress to split-ends.

Eat healthily. Just like your body needs nutrients, your hair needs nutrients too. This is very important. Your hair has to be nourished from inside out.

Use heat protectant every time you use a blow drier, flat iron, curling iron, or crimper.

Make sure you shampoo your hair everyday. After coming out of the shower blow dry your hair. After blow drying it may be frizzy and a lot of people put oil or gel but thats not gonna help. Just brush it no matter how much the frizz bothers you. And after a few days your hair with feel soft thick and healthy.

Also, if you have thick hair then it is important for you to wash your hair everyday. Trust me, you will be surprised.

Do not use shampoos which have ammonium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate among their first few ingredients. These are harsh lathering agents, which are hard on your hair. Not only that, but it is in known to cause cancer in the long run.

Do not use metal or nylon combs. They may hurt your scalp.

Always buy your hair care products at a salon. Drug store products are not correctly formulated

Limit your use of hot styling tools like curling/flat irons and blowdryers. Let your hair dry naturally. When you do use heat products on your hair, try to use a heat protecting spray before you use them to help prevent damage on your hair.

Limit the number of times you wash your hair each week. It gives a bit of time for the hair oils produced naturally by your scalp to build up and moisturize the hair.

Always use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners or ones for damaged or chemically treated hair. Also avoid putting anymore chemicals in your hair if you have already (ie dye, bleach)

Always wash your hair in lukewarm water. Using hot water will dry out the cuticle and enhance any existing damage and use cool water in the final rinse to seal newly added moisture back into the cuticle.

Always use wide toothed combs and only brush your hair when really needed to or youll break your hair. Don't brush it when its wet.

Get regular trims at a salon.

If your hair extremely dried/fried, go to a salon and get a deep conditioning treatment. It really helps.

How to Turn Dry Hair to Healthy Hair

People have dry hair, and want to turn it to healthy hair. They try every thing they know, but nothing works. But trust me this will work for you!Follow these steps, and you'll have healthy hair in no time!

First brush your hair and apply some oil into your hair. Olive oil will give the best results but you can use coconut oil instead.

Do this at night so that the oil can rest and spread around your head in at least 12 hours.

When you wake take a shower with shampoo and conditioner.

After that you should let your hair dry.

After its dry apply a bit of of coconut oil, and leave it there. Your hair will be really shiny and smooth.

Put a bit of oil every week, to maintain that beautiful, healthy looking shine.

Condition your hair more so it gets softer. But don't do it everyday, or else you'll lose a lot of hair.

Cut the ends of your hair every six - eight weeks. Split ends should be cut too. (They look really bad)

Another way to get shiny and smooth hair is to add vinegar and cold water together and apply to your hair at night and wake up in the morning and wash it! Do this every day for about 2/3 weeks. Hair will be shiny and soft.

If you like, you can make your hair smell nice by putting a cup of strawberries in the blender. Then put it on your hair for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with cold water and you are ready to go!

Don't add too much volume to your hair, or else it will get really heavy and feel very uncomfortable.

Don't wash your hair too often or else you'll lose the important oil in your hair. And your hair will look really dry and frizzy.


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