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Sakinalu ( Telangana snacks)

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Sakinalu are the known traditional snacks made in Telangana Region.Usually they are made for the Sankranthi Festival.Sakinalu are made of rice flour and Seasame.I am trying to do this sakinalu for the first time. My friends Anitha and Rajitha are from telangana.I came to know about this recipe from them.

Rice---4 cups
Ajwain seeds --1/4 cup
Sesame --1/2 cup

Method :Soak the rice with enough water for about 3-4 hrs.Drain the water using a mesh and leave the rice in the mesh for about 3 hrs so that it gets dried.

Now grind the rice in a grinder till it becomes fine powder.Roast the sesame lightly on a low flame.
Now add the Sesame,Ajwain and salt to the rice flour.Make a dough with the help of water as you do for chapathis as show in below picture.

Take small quantity of the dough in hand and make circles with thin lines on a cloth as in the below picture.Repeat this process to make all the sakinalu.After they are done allow the sakinalu to dry.

Now take a frying pan with oil to fry.Take the sakinalu slowly with help of a flat plate and fry them in the oil till light brown colour.

Finally your sakinalu are ready.These snacks can be preserved upto 1 month in a air tight container.


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