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YOGA - Stomach Asanas

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YOGA - Stomach Asanas

Yoga Asanas for Reducing Abdominal Fat

The most dangerous fat lies around the organs, deep within the belly.
The fat in the abdominal area functions differently than fat elsewhere in the body. It has a greater blood supply as well as more receptors for cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol levels rise and fall throughout the day, but when you're under constant stress, the amount of the hormone you produce remains elevated. With high stress and, consequently, high cortisol levels, more fat is deposited in the abdominal area since there are more cortisol receptors there.

These exercises can help postmenopausal women to get rid of that intra-abdominal fat and in the process reduce their risk for some chronic illnesses.

Time: 1/2 minutes each leg.
Method: Lie down on your back. Breath in. Then fold the left leg from the knees. Hold the fingers together and bring the folded leg to touch the stomach. Lift the head and touch the nose to the knee. The other leg remains straight. Hold the breath. Come to original position and leave the breath. Follow the same for the other leg.

NOTE: This asana can also be done with both the knees folded.


Time: 1/2 minutes.
Method: Lie on your stomach, forehead on the ground, hands under shoulders. Raise your upper body by the strength of the back muscles, head up. Don't take help of the hands, they may remain on the ground or held on the back over the hips.

Benefits: Helps in keeping the dorsal spine elastic and strong. Backache due to overstrain can be thus relieved. Helps considerably in reducing abdominal fat.

Dhanurasan- the bow
Time: 1/2 minute
Method: Lie on your stomach. Bend knees, hold the ankles. Pull your hands and push with your legs, knees together, till the trunk forms an arch with only the stomach on the ground. Look up. After releasing the posture lie for a while in Shavasan.

Benefits: Reduces abdominal fat. The compressing of the spinal column, pressing the nerves with the scapulae minimizes blood circulation while in the asana. But when the pose is released a greater supply of blood is endured to those very regions increasing spinal flexibility and definitely raising the vitality.


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