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We've all heard of aerobics, but does any of us really know what all activities are included in aerobics. Are we aware as to what are the effects of aerobic exercise? Well, aerobic exercise is a fabulous workout that not only helps in maintaining your fitness level, but also makes your heart stronger. There are distinct forms of aerobics like cycling, biking, jogging, running, swimming, dancing etc.

You can also carry out your aerobic workout on different machines in the gym like treadmill, stationary exercising bike, stair-stepper etc. These days; it has actually become a trend of joining aerobic dance classes. The best part about the aerobic dance is that, not only it helps in keeping you in shape, but also it's a fun time activity, for which you don't mind sparing time, because you derive pleasure in doing it.

There are innumerable health benefits of aerobics like it helps in utilizing oxygen more efficiently, thereby paving way for increased fat burning. The chances of having diabetes and other diseases are largely reduced. If you are keeping unwell, then aerobics exercise can help you a great deal in faster recovery. Aerobic also acts as a fantastic stress reliving therapy. Thus, it can be said that it helps to maintain your overall fitness, on one hand it enables you to have a beautiful fit body and on the other hand, it ensures that your mind remains stress free.

Types of Fitness exercise:

Aerobics Exercise
What are the basics of a Step Aerobics routine. Learn some basic techniques behind step aerobics in next posts.
Indoor Cycling and Spinning
Curious how a Spinning Class can create more excitement in your exercise or fitness routine? With indoor cycling classes becoming more popular at local gyms everywhere, learn how to get the best results for your spinning workout.
Jump Rope Exercise
Learn what amazing fitness benefits can come from Jump Rope Exercise and workouts. It's not just for kids anymore! Learn about the benefits a jump rope aerobic workout can have.
Running or Jogging Fitness
Get a great cardiovascular workout by Running Exercise or Fitness Jogging as your daily exercise. Running can be a beneficial form of exercise, but make sure you are aware of the potential drawbacks of running.
Jazzercise Aerobic Fitness
If you are looking for an easy and fun fitness or exercise routine, try out Jazzercise class or workout video. If you want a fun, upbeat aerobic workout with great music, give Jazzercise a try.
Water Aerobics Fitness
Learn if getting fit in the pool using Water Aerobics techniques is right for you. Learn more about water aerobics, which is a great form of aerobic exercise for any fitness level.

Aerobic Versus Anaerobic Exercise

These days, the latest forms of exercises that are gaining everybody's attention are aerobic and anaerobic exercises. But most of us are unaware as to what is the actual difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Well, it is interesting to explore some pieces of information regarding aerobic versus anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is a very energetic form of physical activity that fastens your heartbeat to about 65% of the maximum rate. This exercise is performed for a period of time extending up to say at least 20 minutes. Aerobics consists of distinctive activities like running, brisk walking, bike riding, swimming etc. Well, the functioning of aerobics begins with the burning of stored sugars and gradually it attacks on the fats that are stored in the body.On the contrary, anaerobic exercise takes place in quick span of time and includes activities like sprinting, weight lifting etc. Well, both forms of exercises have their own advantages like aerobic exercises help in developing cardiovascular strength, whereas, anaerobic exercises help in strengthening muscles and joints.

For a beginner, aerobic exercises are suggested over anaerobic exercises, so as to ensure an overall fitness. But if you already have a good endurance and your cardio condition is above average, then you can straight away get on to anaerobic workouts, say for example, if you've already built the stamina for running, then to raise your performance to the next level, you might need to give a sort of jerk to your muscles through strenuous training. If you are confused about the type of workout you should go in for, it's advisable to consult a professional trainer.

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