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Decorating Articles

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Decorating Articles:

You can begin your search for home decor items by either selecting online or at the store.

Each main grouping of furniture collections are labeled as such. For example, Living Room Furniture will be sofa's, loveseats, end tables, coffee tables, entertainment center and things like that, where Bedroom Furniture will be beds, mattresses, nightstands and dressers. There are categories for all major room groupings: Living & Family Rooms, HOme Office, Bedrooms, Kitchen & Dining Room, Entry Areas & Foyers, Kids Rooms, Recreation Rooms, Bar, Pub's & Game Rooms and the list goes on.

Area Rugs: There are rugs to fit every budget and decorating style like Traditional, Contemporary, Country, fun and funky, as well as non-slip mats.

Lamps & Lighting: Looking for a specific lamp style, chandelier, wall sconce or floor lamp.

Accessories: In this section we have clocks, plants, small items, frames, figurines and those things you will use to fill bookshelves, end tables, coffee tables and those spaces.

Artwork: Artwork can really set the theme in a room or home and you can search for a wide variety of pieces.

Wall Decor: Today there are so many things you can place on your walls, it isn't just artwork or photographs anymore.

Slipcovers: Sometimes you don't have the luxury of dumping all of your old furniture and starting from scratch. Slipcovers can change the look of tired furniture on a much smaller dime.

Bedding: Here you will find comforters, quilts, duvets, coverlets, sheets, feather beds, pillows, dust ruffles and all those things you need to make your beds fluffy, comfortable and all yours.

Blinds, Shades & Shutters: We need to cover our windows to keep the light, sound, weather and the general public from watching our intimate moments. Blinds, shades, shutters, vertical blinds, mini-blinds, wood blinds and other "products" make this job easier.

Window Treatments/Curtains: The fabric you place on your windows can often times

change the entire look of a room.


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