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PISCES WOMAN's Astrology

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PISCES WOMAN (20th February to 20th March)

She likes to be in a dream world than to be in reality. She is weak and sensitive when it's come to "Love". She can cry if her best friend is breaking up, and she can be over excited when her friend gets a new boy friend who is a good looking and rich even it is nothing concerned her at all. You might be surprise to see that she is shy just because she is in love. More or less it will be in Pisces woman. She loves small animal and gifted in training animals. She has sixth senses and she can guess what will happen next, it's her nature. Even she has a good sixth senses, she can not pick or foreseen her own choice of lover.

She can not tell if she meet a sincere guy or a one night stand guy. She likes to buy and pick her own cloths. She likes to dress cute and be cute. Pisces woman tend to be a good looking woman and she has a nice skin. Her hands and feet are small and soft. Pisces woman loves to shop for shoes as if she collects them. She is a hot lady that everyone wants her. Whether she has a man in her life or not , she will never try to over powered any man. It's not even in her thought.

She thinks man can handle things better, and she will make her man feel that way. She is an easy going person, so being with her is easy. She is a confident woman and likes to make people who stay with her happy. She knows how to please and how to comfort a man. If something is wrong, she will try to make other people belief that it's must be because of someone else, not because of her love one. She will not push her man to be ambition but to make him feel like he should be happy with the way he is now. She is happy with you for what you are now. A Pisces woman , if she has a bad childhood, she will always remember it and it will make her a very unhappy person. She will pity herself and feel sorry for herself. She tends to hurt herself with out knowing it and so vulnerable to drugs (real drugs or just sleeping pills).

She has many choices and you can never tell which path she going to take. If you love her , then hold her tight because she never knows why she did what she did or what she will do next. A complex character. You may think she is a shy innocent type and cannot hurt anyone, then you are wrong. You might think she is a fragile person who needs protection, wrong again. She has been through a lot, a tough cookie. She is a dreamer and love the word "Love", so she is the type who will buy gift for anyone for any occasion, especially if it is a gift for wedding or an anniversary even for someone who she does not know so well.

Be very careful if fall in love with Pisces woman. She can be a total different person before and after. She can be an angle before and later a witch, but everyone is not perfect, right? She will be soft and gentle most of the time, so not to worry. She is emotional and extremely sensitive when she frequently got hurt. She is the type who can cry her heart out. She can have a secret fear inside, when she says she does not need anyone. She badly needs someone to protect her,but sometimes she can hide that feeling by being stubborn. She likes to hide her shyness and her weakness from her enemy. She does not like to follow any fixed rules. She can be a good housewife if you know how to handle her. Many men will ask to marry her because she is a 100% woman. If she wants to be sweet, she is a real angles.

Physical Appearance

This is Watery and Common sign of the Zodiac. Its symbol is TWO FISH, one will lead towards North and the other to the South.

You Pisceans are generally of short stature, only few can be tall. You eyes are liquid, heavy lidded, and full of strange lights. Frequently, but not always, they are slightly protruding, bulbous and extremely compelling. Somepiscean eyes are simply beautiful. Features are elastic and mo9bile and you will find more dimples than wrinkles. Piscean bodies are sometime awkwardly built, but with their extraordinary grace, it is seldom discernible. Feet may be noticeably small and dainty or else they will be huge and spread out like a tired lady. Thepisceans hands will be tiny fragile and exquisitely formed. Wide mouthy. In latter years of life corpulance or plumpy body may develop.

Mental Tendencies

Quick in understanding, inspirational, versatile, easy going, good natured, changeful, psychic and emotional. You Pisces damsel does have a temper when finally aroused, can be sarcastic with a clever caustic tongue. You will normally take the path of least resistance otherwise canspillforth a torrent of nervous irritability. Fond of music, passionate, affectionate and charitable. Sometime you are secretive, reserved or mysterious in their way of doing things. Philosophical and lead a romantic life.


You damsels blonde are kind, loving truthful, and of sympathetic nature, Courteous, helpful, and hospitable. Restless and humane. Lacking generally in self confidence. Very little will excite him to violent action or reaction. Your are wise enough to stay miles away from alcohol. Very few can have a social cock tail, then leave it alone.Pisceans shrink from competition.

The Fish or Piscean was born with the desire to see the world though rose coloured spectacles, she knows well enough about the steamy side of humanity, but prefers to live in his own watery, gentle world, where every one is beautiful and all actions are lovely. When life dumps with a splash, dismal, failure and hopeless conditions, instead of leaping out of the murky danger, Fish is more inclined to hide behind his pale green illusions, which keep him away from making practical decisions. The rejectedPiscean is too inclined to face the ugliness of failure by deepening his false hopes, when a determined switch of course, or some new forceful action might shower him with real, instead of imaginary success.

Health And Diseases

You may suffer from gastric, vericose veins or guinea worms. Affliction of bile and feet is indicated. This sign governs ankle, feet, teeth and left eye, diseases indicated are consumption, tuberculosis, tumor and mucous troubles. But your overall health will remain good.

Finances and Fortune

You are endowned with wealth and power. You have good business ability and mostly have service career. You do not relish the idea of being dependent on your children so you keep money safe for your old age. Helpful to needy and make advances of money to them. You have purity ofinterestes. You can not concentrate and do hard work. But if compelled to do so, you are then methodical, preserving, idustrious, true, sincere and honest.

Romance And Marriage

You will remain attracted to the romantic life, prefer beauty of the partner and intellect. No doubt you remain a mile away from alcohol but some of few are addicted todring . Suspicious by nature towards partner which kills your love. You like flattery. You should not select any partner who is free with all for better domestic atmosphere. You play double affection at one time but amorous at the other moment.

You are kind, sympathetic and loyal. Good and moody guy. Bold, brave and independent. Will lead a happy married life on the whole.Your husband should not forget your birthday or wedding anniversary, it is your subtle secret. YouPiscean Ladies are little extravagant.

Domestic Environments

You have many friends and are happy to entertain them at home. You love happy domestic life and are very affectionate. Throughout your married life, you do not get tired to carry out the romantic legend of lovers. Tempted to fancies of life and with every pretty face and their fancies will be wanderings. You will be a charming listener to all the troubles of yourhusban and will be as a good egg through every crises.

Traits to be Corrected

You should not rely too much on your friends, be choosy about them. A few friends will be sincere, outwardly honest but inward scoundrel, cheat and selfish. Avoid suspicious nature and varying mood. Cultivate push, be generous but not over liberal. Do not keep hopes on other's promises.

Lucky Days, Numbers And Colors

Sundays, Tuesday and Thursday are favourable days. Monday and Saturday will cause loss. Wednesday and Friday will not be harmonious and Fruitful.

Favourable numbers are 1, 4, 3 and 9. Avoid 8. Other number are Passive.

Colours : Red, Yellow, Rose and Orange are favourable. Avoid Blue. For partner's prosperity on should use white, cream and green Colours.

Day of Fast is Thursday.


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