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LIBRA WOMAN (24th September to 23rd October)

Libra woman mostly has an egg oval facial shape. She has a nice smooth skin and a good figure. She will spent so much efforts to keep her skin clean and pretty. She can be easily allergy to cosmetic and make up, but taken care of her face and avoid wrinkle is her hobby. She is good at it and tend to look younger than her age. She can be very naughty like a little boy, but yet fully 100% woman. She looks nice in either Jean or night gown. She thinks woman is equal to man. Sometimes she can think faster than you, but she will not leave you far behind.

She will try not to make you feel like you are competed or defeated in any games she plays with you even she is winning. She is a little flirt even she has no idea what she wants. She can not decide what to do, and what not to do, so she can not set her schedule very well in all cases. She is gifted with how to dress, and how to match her dress. She likes to dress in black and wear perfume. She likes a mild flowery scent.

In any argument, she can really argue. She can argue for hours, and mostly win the argument. If it is not a serious argument, she could argue and once a while give you a smile also. She will make a good politician, because she can tell which party will win the election. She always has a good reasons ,even she likes to contradict herself. She cannot decide what is right and wrong for her, because everything has a good side and a bad side. Woman in other Zodiac might not care what other people think, but Libra woman care what other people ,or what you feel as much as her own feeling. She can adjust to her environment very well, so at work she will be at the ladder up. She likes team work in doing things. If you ask her for help or advice, she will help you except if she does not like your guts.

She can change you and make you think you change by yourself without her influence. Good side of being with Libra woman are she never interfere with your privacy. She will not make you loose face in front of your friends. Even she cares about how much money she has left his her bank account, she will never forget to let you know how much she cares for you. She think taken care of the house is a woman job and she can do it well. But if you expect a Libra woman to fear you, then you are wrong. She is a strong woman even she looks at you with that sweet innocent pairs of baby's looks and may loose you (let you win) in a few poker games. If she is the one you are after, then go step by step. The best way is using her friends introducing you to her. Do not make her feel or treat her like a bubble head. You have to move forward toward her with confident and secure. Show her that you are a kind , polite and a real gentleman. Be a slow hand or else you might get smack!

Physical Appearance

It is an Airy and movable sign. Libra girl's features are almost even and well balanced.They are pleasing, but not very noticeable, so it is easier to start with the dimples. They will usually have a dimple in the cheeks or one in the chin. Beautiful knees with dimples. Markedly pleasant expression on the face. Typically sweet and clear voice. Your body is full of curves, angles, curly hair, not necessarily fat.

Mental Tendencies

Librans are fond of dress, perfumes, art and music. Fertile imagination and correctintuition, brilliant intellect, forethought, admirable refinement, supreme indemnity and of pleasant nature. Imaginative or artist, hopeful, cheerful, humane, orderly, loving but changeful, fond of society and amusement and generally amorous. She is diplomat, argumentative, fond of lovely things and of materialistic nature.


You beautiful Libra damsels are very courteous, hospitable, quick in temper but soon be quietened.You are fond of beauty in all forms. Usually too smart, easily appeased, courageous to do any thing alone, pursue it alone and finish it alone in a grand way. Due to her charm many will many will join her. Happy, affectionate and kind. Impressionable, sexy, passionate and of commanding nature. You does not like solitaire, likes partnership in business and in every walk of life. You librans have such strong conjugal affection, that they do not consider anything also more important than pleasure. Fond of opposite sex, argue with clarity and foresight. You have warmth and charming manners, balanced judgement, all round. You are not dogmatic, opinions of others deserves as much respect as her own until the decision is made. Venus girls work both before and after marriage. She needs cash for luxurious things of life.

You will be popular through out life. Full of charms and manners. You enjoy the family life to the full and have everlasting friends as they are honest in love, courteous and generous. Without friends you damsels can not pass life. You are expert in love affairs but sincere. You will marry early in life, sometimes you can not have partner who can satisfy you. You do not seek divorce but adjust and in case of failure you can not then remain together for a moment. Limited number of children who are helpful in old age. Generally Librans generally do not have younger brothers, friends are useful, reliable and true to them.

Health and Diseases

You will enjoy good health generally but are prone to infectious diseases. Kidney, loins, spine, uterus, are the body parts where trouble can be expected.

Finance and Fortune

Blessed with wealth and good conveyance. Love for money. Since you excel others in matter of reasoning, logic, foresight and judgement, you make money through right investment by taking correct decisions. You are generous and liberal which pay you in solving your financial problems if any and not diplomat as many will think of you. Friends of yours will be more helpful being sincere to you than your won relations. Being extravagant, you must keep cheek on your spending.

Romance And Marriage

You are expert n love affairs, so you are most lovable for sex life. Sincere and affectionate with your charming manners, dress, perfumes, fashion etc. which attract the opposite sex. Your passions rise and die quickly. Being sexy and passionate you enjoy life more in the company of opposite sex. Fond of amusements, good and peaceful domestic life. You Librans marry early. You love high standard of living. Sometimes your partner can not satisfy you intellectually or through sex, but you adjust You can not be imposed upon in home or in any walk of life.

Ready to forgive and forget as you are amiable. In love you are sincere to the opposite sex, your habits of commanding sometimes are subsided and you become just like a lamb which is most creditable to you.

Ideal Match

You will not agree with Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer born people. Best suited are Leo, Gemini and Aquarius persons with their Ascendants.

Domestic Environments

Happy and harmonious domestic life is essence of Librans. Keep the house decorated, well furnished and quite charming like them. To love your home, family and children are your basic traits. You are not diplomat but wise to keep your outside life away from your home satisfying your friends who are everlasting and sincere to you without whom you can not live.

Traits to be Corrected

You should control your emotional nature, avoid spending much. Being social, sexy and passionate you may come into contact with influential people or associates who may not take undue advantage by going out of bound, so you are warned for emotional check. Be decisive, avoid copying others. You should learn to say 'NO' to the people, this is must as you are generous and liberal. You should forgive but never forget. Avoid arguments and bossing over others.

Lucky Days, Numbers And Colors

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays are lucky. Thursday is evil. Friday offers mixed results.

Lucky numbers are 1, 2, 4 and 7 where as 3, 5, 6 and 9 are inharmonious. 8 stands for investments and profit.

Lucky Colours are orange, White and Red. Avoid Green and Yellow.

The day of fast is Friday to mitigate or reduce evils in life.


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